Self·ish Is my lifelong project of self portraits. To be a good photographer you have to know how it feels to have a camera pointed at you. It is also very interesting to sit on two chairs at a same time - being a model and a photographer.

My first planned self-portrait is from the year 2007, but consistantly started to work with this concept in 2010 and hopefully will carry on throughout my whole life. Style of the portraits vary a lot. It could be some flash snap or carefully composed idea in the wider context. 

In some cases I don't want to use self-timer or transmitter, I ask my friends to push the button. Thank you: Ain Lätti, Stina Kase, Ene Vihtla, Gert Kelu, Marilin Leenurm,  Kadri Vanaselja, Liis Tamra, Kärt Kokk, Roman Purga, Kristian Kruuser.

Letters and word are just systems, a structure of symbols, nothing else.

This is my autobiography.