My Platinum Life

Recently I started a partnership with Memorieslab. They are a unique concept that brings together hi-end analog photo lab and and an art gallery. It's so special because they have completely new approach to the whole idea. I would say that Memorieslab takes the best from photography and puts it together in a totally new way. I have always been admiriring people who are ready to "go wrong"

They made this beautiful box of polaroids of my Treescape project in last year and now we signed a contract for the Ansel project. Ansel will premier in season 2018/2019, but thank's to Memorieslab I can already hold first set of Platinum prints in my hands. First set of platinum prints in my life!

It is a very special feeling. This most beautiful historical process in photography, ultimate craftsmanship that is almost unchanged for 150 years can give soul and life to my art.

Thank You Memorieslab!