One of my this year's highlights is related to violinist and composer Henning Kraggerud. Henning just happened to be in Tallinn, saw my "Treescape" works in the gallery and decided that he would like to buy one and also meet the author. 

My gallerist called me and said that there is a guy with a violin case who would like to meet you tomorrow. I didn't have a slightest idea that he is one of the best violinists on the planet and that I have one of his records in my "best-of" playlist.  

After flying away with one of my Treesacape works he decided to return to have a session with me. So we spent two days together and I portraited Henning like he was the only human member in my "Treescape" family.

This story gave me so much hope in this turbulent and wounded world that I believe everything is still possible.

Listen: "Last Spring"