Caroline's black and white and black

Recently I had a very special days in Cleveland, working with two great pianists - Zsolt Bognar and Caroline Oltmanns. Caroline told me that her new program of Schumann includes "Ghost Variations". I have to admit that it was a first time for me to hear about "Ghost Variations" and I wanted to know more. Caroline told me this extraordinary and sad story about the voices in Robert Schumann's head, who dictated this beautiful hymn and shortly after gave a task to throw himself to the river. Although he was rescued these beautiful and very dark five variations remained as a last testament he ever wrote.

This strong story resonated somehow and resulted with my five variations.

You can get the little overview of the story from here
You can hear "The ghost whisperer" by Grigory Sokolov from here
And Caroline's wonderful "Waldstein" from here