The Matsés

I have been back at home for a month now and soon I have to go again. There are some wonderful musicians waiting in London to have sessions. This month has been a hard time for me. It is actually first month in this year I can really stay at home and now I feel strongly that I have been abroad way too much.

Also our expedition to deep Amazon rain forest was emotionally devastating. The Matsés people we visited, were different of my expectations. My idea - based on books and publications, was over romanticized and the reality was so much more complicated. So there is lot's of topics to think and probably write about!

But for today I'm almost back on track. Thanks to my friends and good clients I have restored my everyday routine. I have to admit, at this case I love my routine - abnormally long working days with wonderful people! This keeps me going.

Thank you all!
Here are some portraits from the Matsés village.