I love stories and a good story is usually behind interesting personality. Interesting characters are often bit unusual and even little complicated to connect with, but if they allow you to see their world, it's always priceless.

Willy have been hairdresser in Belen for 20 years (Belen is a huge market, and I may say a slum, in Iquitos. Most of it will be flooded on rainy season, it mean's that half of the city is floating on river at that time)  

After every half a year Willy spends month or two at the border in the city of Tabatinga. There are more trendy and fashionable people from Brazil and more interesting work, but really hard to manage, because of tough competition. Of course he would like to work all the time there instead of this slum here in Iquitos. 

In the end of his work Willy couldn't resist and said that I should try boys and he could be the first one. I rejected modestly.

My new haircut cost 2,5 euros and beard design another 2,5 and everything is done with trimmer, no scissors engaged. 

This is my last post from Peru and now it's a really last moment to return back home. :)

"Willy and the boys" 
Belen, Iquitos.