Wildscapes I

At this very moment I'm hurrying to the airport to catch my flight to Moscow. I have a session there with a young extraordinary cellist. Then quickly back home and only one day to pack my bags and then to next flight. It will be Iquitos, Peru where I'll spend my next 6 weeks. Hopefully it will be very interesting and many thing will happen. It's my fourth time in Amazon now and this time our expedition is pointed to Yavari valley tribes.

So I'm still going wrong....constantly out of money, but life is like a ride on a roller-coaster. Actually I can consider it already as a lifelong anthropological survey. Hopefully one day somebody will invent a machine that could transfer all this interesting data from my brain to some museum archive. 

Anyways, this time my photo story is slightly different of the usual stuff and it is part of my longer series I call "Wildscapes"  This is a ongoing landscape series from my journey's in USA wild-wild west. 

I hope you enjoy...and who said desert is boring.