Nostra Culpa

Meet Eugene and Scott, probably hottest names in the contemporary classical music scene at the moment! Now You feel stupid because you haven't really heard about these guys? 

Don't have to, it's ok. Eugene and Scott's first opera "Nostra Culpa" (or to be exact - cantata for singer and string orchestra) will premier in April and this is their first joint project. But still, why they are so hot? Beside that they are such a nice looking fellows. 

Opera "Nostra Culpa" tells you a story about Nobel laureate Paul Krugman's and President Toomas Hendrik Ilves fight in Twitter. And in the world where state just took away 6% of the the money from each bank account in their own country, austerity is a hot topic. Specially, if it's told in opera language.

Eugen's and Scott's story is already broadcasted in BBC, NPR, AP, Wall Street Journal and in many others world top channels and I'm sure you want to be in the hall when it premiers. So go and get a ticket fast if there are any seats left.

"Nostra Culpa"
Eugene Birman and Scott Diel.