Success in Vegas

I'm happily back home, terrible jetlag but thanks to that I woke at 6 AM and admitted that most beautiful sunrise is always at home.

So, I just arrived from Vegas, from WPPI convention and the good news is that I collected unexpected trophy from there - first prize in commercial/editorial category. Competition itself was 16x20 print competition, which is really prestigious stuff and I love it, because it is old school print competition. Jury sits in a row and print handler (wearing white gloves) will bring out the print and jury will give points in live.

I'm usually loner, when I'm doing my portrait work, but to do a good commercial work you need a good team. And I had a dream team. In this case even all my budget went to my team, so now finally this prize is my salary for the shoot  :)

Client: Laservisioon
Client project manager: Robert Jakobson ( Thank You Robert for supporting crazy ideas)
Photographer's assistant: Liis Tamra
Make-up and hair: Wonderful Aune Aasoja
Stylist: Gerly Tinn
Models: Karin and Eugen

Thank you all my dear friends for your support! I'm a lucky guy.
(other photos are just a little documentation from the event, taken with a phone)