There are 1361 days between these two portraits. Portraits of Ardi - the last lumberjack. It's rare that someone looks younger after 1361 days. And 1361 days later I got answer who is this silent man.

I remember that day very clearly, it was crispy cold and there was just one single man in the forest who was able to work with this cold. It was like a sign to me, that I need to portrait this man. I had to drive 150km to reach him. After 3 minute session I got portrait what I consider as one of the best I have ever taken... I also remember that he didn't tell me a single word.

1361 days later I meet Ardi again. He is completely different man, he smiles, he talks and he is posing for me.

...and I hear from Ardi that 1361 days ago he lost his beloved wife. That was answer to everything.  

Ardi and RMK thank you for making me a better person