Saja Lugu - The Story of One Hundred

This most amazing project is finished. Three years of work resulted with the exhibition, book and visual art piece on a big screen. Tons of emotions, many new friends and lots of love.

Forever thankful to everyone who helped! 
Long live Sajalugu!   

Photo credits: Rene Jakobson and Liis Reiman

Father Christmas

Dear Friends, I send you my warmest greetings and best wishes. Peace, joy and fellowship with family and friends. 

This year Sony decided to commission a story from a number of photographers from all over the world. The only condition was that it must be done at the darkest time of the year with the Sony FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS lens.

I decided to tell you a story of Father Christmas finding his way through the ancient woods and forests on a snowless winter. 
I hope Santa is good to you this year

Thank you: Santa Uno, Tiina Tammiste, Kristian Kruuser, Renee Altrov and Sony


Pastorale of Vormsi


South African composer James Wilding


Cellist Silvia Ilves as the Amphitrite.

My Platinum Life

Recently I started a partnership with Memorieslab. They are a unique concept that brings together hi-end analog photo lab and and an art gallery. It's so special because they have completely new approach to the whole idea. I would say that Memorieslab takes the best from photography and puts it together in a totally new way. I have always been admiriring people who are ready to "go wrong"

They made this beautiful box of polaroids of my Treescape project in last year and now we signed a contract for the Ansel project. Ansel will premier in season 2018/2019, but thank's to Memorieslab I can already hold first set of Platinum prints in my hands. First set of platinum prints in my life!

It is a very special feeling. This most beautiful historical process in photography, ultimate craftsmanship that is almost unchanged for 150 years can give soul and life to my art.

Thank You Memorieslab! 

Treescape in Oxford

Treescape show will be in Oxford from April 26
Treescape will be part of the May Music Festival program that will merge classical music, science and visual artss.
Read more about the festival: Oxford May Music
Read more about the Treescape

Everyone is welcome!

Ensemble 360

Wonderful people from Ensemble 360

Neon sanctuary

One of the most fascinating and beautiful element of America's Modern West are all kinds of signs. No matter are they neon or painted with or without bulbs. For me it's a essential part of "wild west" visual culture, you'll find these signs from landscapes, citiscapes, movies and paintings. 

Most of this art have disappeared forever, but luckily there have always been fans who have saved some of these very interesting pieces of art. Thanks to that we can still see old originals and also experience today sort of a renaissance of old school neon culture. 

Last ferry of the Amazon

The rain forest always surprises me.
It’s my sixth time here and every time I’m rewarded with some unreal experience.
This time it’s a gigantic ghost ship -  a big river ferry abandoned right next to a jungle city.
Surreal… Unexpected… Magical realism.

Simon Callaghan

Right before Christmas I had some great time in Devon UK. I was working with the London based concert pianist Simon Callaghan.

Amazing area, really would like to work more there.

Autumn so dark

Treescape polaroid set

Treescape polaroid set contains 12 polaroid sheets of  different "Treescape" works.
Photos are exposed as classic chromogenic prints on Fuji Crystal archive paper with the best print permanence guarantee. 

Polaroid set comes inside an elegant signed box
Printed by hi-end printmasters at Memorieslab

This beautiful set of timeless polaroids is my first collaboration with Memorieslab. 

Price: 90 EUR
Order yours:

Olivier Stankiewicz

Olivier is one of the brightest oboist of new generation. He's a soloist and principal oboe of London Symphony Orchestra, busy chamber musician and oboe professor in Royal College of Music... But before all that, he is a great human being and another good proof why it's so great to works with musicians.

Olivier Stankiewicz Romances by Robert Schumann

Trio Isimsiz

Trio Isimsiz are three wonderful chaps - Erdem, Michael and Pablo.
Trio is Trondheim competition winner and from YCAT talent roaster as Timothy Ridout from last blog post.


Exceptional young talent, Tertis viola competition winner -  Timothy Ridout.
Remember this name, his sound is something unique!...and yes -  it's viola.

Mormon's lost paradise

Somewhere in Utah stands this beautiful abandoned Mormon settlement from 19th century. With it's beautiful but also tragic story...

I have a vision

I have a vision of making same mistakes again
I have a vision of great suffering
I have a vision of stupidity
I have no vision

Goes together with Hans Zimmer music